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Service details

We are providing excellent services in two categories

-For Individuals
-For Business


We are offering following services for you to comply with the UK regulations and save your money and tax

Our services for Business

# Business Start-up services: Company Formation, Self-Employment, Registration, Taxes such as VAT, PAYE and CIS
# Preparation and filling of VAT returns including the Flat Rate Schemes
# Payroll (PAYE) processing as per the HMRC's RTI Regulations
# Preparation of Annual Accounts
# Preparation of Company Accounts
# Bookkeeping Services
# Preparations of Management Accounts
# Preparation of Annual Self-Assessment for Individuals (SA100)
# Stock Control Implementation and Management Reports
# Preparation and Filling of Company Director Tax returns
# Advice on Cash Flow Issues
# Charity formation and Charity Accounts Preparation

Our services for Individuals

# Preparation and filling of Personal Tax- Self Assesmants(SA100)
# Advice on Tax savings
# Formulating and Executing various Tax Plans
# Advice on Tax credits and other benefits
# Formulating and Executing various Tax Plans
# Advice on other income such as Rental, Dividend and other Property and Invesment Incomes
# Advice on Capital Gains Tax Liability
# Advice on Inherent Tax Liability
# Cash Flow forecasting